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It's currently 10:48pm. Both of my parents are in Spokane for a Christian Retreat and I am home alone. Well, not actually. Lacey, my dear friend, came over to keep me company and I must say things have gotten a little crazy. Not out of hand. yet. However, for the past two days, we have been, to put it bluntly, stoned off of our asses and more than tipsy. Not wasted, we didn't have enough alcohol on hand for that.
Anyway, as we are both currently stoned, and I am rather drunk, we went downstairs to procure some tasty noms to satisfy our stoner munchies. We went through the cupboards to look for sesame oil and Lacey decided to rummage through the small selection of medicines contained in the same cupboard as the sesame oil.
She reads through all of the pill bottles, and to her surprise, she comes across Mucinex DM, which contains Dextromethorphan. Dextromethorphan, aka DXM, can be a hallucinogenic when taken in large quantities. She and I are no stranger to DXM. I have only taken DXM once, whereas she has taken DXM multiple times.
The first time we took Dextromethorphan together, we both reached First plateau. This brought on the sensation that everything was warm and fuzzy, and figures appeared matte and swayed a bit. Conversation became easy, and we both felt very relaxed. To do this, we both took 8 tablets each of Coricidin, which is approximately 160 mg in total for each of us.

Tonight, we have a total of 20 tablets of Mucinex DM to split between the two of us. We calculated how many mgs would be required for both of us to reach a decent Second plateau based on our weight. That would be anywhere from 250-450 not based on weight. According to the calculator, Lacey should take 4-8 tablets and I should take 8-16 tablets.
Unfortunately, Mucinex DM is a little wonk because it also has Guaifenesin in it. Each tablet contains 600 mg of Guaifenesin and 30 mg of Dextromethorphan.
In the end, we decided that I should take 13 tablets and she should take 7 tablets. That's 7200 mg of Guaifenesin and 390 mg of Dextromethorphan for me and 4200 mg of Guaifenesin and 210 mg of DXM for Lacey.

This is the docuwritery of our Second Plateau adventure together.
We have both taken all of our "prescribed" tablets (at 11:10pm) and have been waiting for the effects to take place for approximately 20 minutes. The process generally takes about 30 minutes, but because Mucinex DM is a bi-layer, it will take about an hour.
It is 11:31pm. Lacey and I are both feeling a tad nauseous. We have a bag nearby, because DXM often causes vomiting. Dissociative effects have just begun, as Lacey and I are both feel a constriction on our heads. We are currently cleaning up the mess in my room to avoid any accidents that could cause us injury.

12:00pm: Lacey and I both report feeling a warm sensation towards the middle of our foreheads. I noted that that is the location of the third eye. Lacey says everything feels "fuzzy" and everything seems far away. I cannot sense this feeling yet, but my usually cramped room feels rather spacious right now. I still feel nauseous and Linda says that loud noises sound annoying and hurt her ears. My left arm does not feel like it's attached. 12:15pm Lacey feels like she is going to puke. Loud noises have begun to hurt my ears and she [Lacey] feels incredibly nauseous. Her visions has doubled and things have blurred. Her movements feel exaggerated and she's breathing hard. Her heart rate remains normal.

12:30pm: Sounds are heavily distorted. Visions are slightly distorted. Movements are subject to exaggeration, distortion, and corruption. Noises sound like the voice of Satan. Double vision and swaying vision are occurring. Both Lacey and I feel light. Like feathers. Or like we could both jump up and just fly away and never come down. We cannot taste food, but we can taste the bitterness of the pills in the back of our throats. Our pupils are slightly dilated and our pulses have sped up. We are both experiences a sort of hyper concentration. My left arm feels like it's going to fall off and Lacey says her face feels like it's melting off onto the sheets. My ankles are rotating in a robotic manner and Lacey has begun robo-walking.

12:40pm: The drugs have definitely taken effect as our depth perception is very askew. We stepped outside to test the severity of our symptoms and some trees seemed very very close to us, whereas other trees seemed VERY far away, even though realistically they are all about the same distance away.
12:45pm: Lacey and I have decided that the third time we take DXM together, we will strive for a third plateau, complete with a docuwritery. The fourth time, we will attempt to safely reach a fourth plateau and docuwrite it. The fifth, and very likely last time, we take DXM together, we will reach the mysterious Fifth Plateau which requires anywhere above 1800 mgs of pure Dextromethorphan and docuwrite it hopefully without fail.

1:00am: My computer just crashed but somehow, amazingly, this whole thing that I was writing was still there. The computer is way too bright and typing is getting harder. I would not be surprised if I started making many grammatical errors from this point on. Our words are slurring and we're both stuttering occasionally. It's near impossible to keep my eyes specifically trained on any one thing. My attention span has gone to shit and I cannot stop my right leg from twitching and being jittery. Cars going by sound demonic.

1:20am: My effects seem to have stopped increasing I'm left with a first plateau feeling. Lacey says she feels like she has reaches a third plateau because the walls are vibrating. Unfortunately, she has fallen asleep. I think I may join her, so I am going to go ahead and post this now. These tablets are supposed to last 12 hours and its only been two. I will post another journal when we have both woken up.
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My name is Fruity, I am average, below average, and above average all at the same time because it seriously depends on my mood. I major in self-hatred and minor in sleep deprivation.

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